Hit-and-run victim’s family sees suspect for the first time in court

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. — Miguel Rodriguez, 35, and his family refused to comment to Boston 25 in court Monday, but we learned police have camera footage from Rodriguez’s apartment showing him stumbling out of the car they say hit and killed 22-year-old Brandon Jennings in the left travel lane of Storrow Drive.

“As we all know, Storrow Drive is a fast-moving lane,” said defense attorney Eduardo Masferrer. “Whether or not someone is able to see what is happening or see what has occurred in the exact moment is a real issue. In this case, there wasn’t significant damage to the car that was alleged to have been used in this offense.”

While Rodriguez’s attorney says to wait until more facts come out, Jennings’s family and girlfriend left in tears, fuming that Rodriguez is out on $5,000 bail that he posted Saturday night. This was the first time they saw the man accused of killing Jennings.

“We are really upset,” said Jennings’s cousin Karine Aragao. “We are not okay with that. He had big dreams. It’s just upsetting he won’t be able to fulfill it.”

“It’s a perfectly appropriate cash bail,” said Masferrer. “This is not someone who intended to do any harm. This is not someone with a prior conviction.”

Still, this is someone police say they would not have been able to arrest Saturday had it not been for a witness who followed him home.

“I cannot share that,” said Masferrer, when asked about Rodriguez’s plans Friday night. “I can tell you, my client is upset. He’s very traumatized by the whole event. He is shocked to be here in court and his heart goes out to the entire family of the person who passed away.”

State Police urge anyone with information about a crime to call 911 and provide information as soon as they can do so safely.

“Beyond that, if a witness can safely maintain visual contact of a suspect from a distance, while not violating any laws or putting himself or any other member of the public in jeopardy, and provide updates of the suspect’s location, such information can be invaluable to police,” State Police said.

Rodriguez must remain alcohol- and drug-free and cannot drive now that his license is suspended. He will also have to wear a monitoring device.

He is scheduled back here in court on Aug.18.


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