Death investigation underway in South Boston

BOSTON — A man walking his dog made a disturbing discovery in South Boston when he found a dead body. The body was found by Conner David and his dog, Brady, right outside 550 East Broadway.

“I looked down and I saw someone down at the bottom of the stairs,” David said.

Boston Police were on scene all morning after David called 9-1-1. Homicide investigators were called to investigate the body that was found down a stairway outside the East Broadway location. Police were questioning residents of the building as they processed the scene.

“They are trying to put the pieces together, asking us basic questions, if we heard anything last night,” one resident said.

David told us that when he found the body, it looked like he might have fallen. “His feet were kind of up against the door. I guess it is a storage area and it looked like he was on his neck. Couldn’t see his face,” David said.

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We spotted evidence markers early on next to crushed up beer cans, but it’s unclear why. David said the man looked like he was younger – in his 20s – and well dressed.

“Looked like going out clothes, nice jeans, nice shoes, sweatshirt. I didn’t look for anything else, but he didn’t have anything near him. It looked like either a fall or trying to get out of the weather on the way back,” David said.

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