‘Concerning and scary’: Quincy woman has close encounter with coyote

QUINCY, Mass. — On Thursday, a coyote was caught on camera chasing a woman and her dog who were out for a walk in Quincy.

Home video captured the frightening moments Keri Chojnowski was walking her 3-year-old Terrier mix, Brodie, on Bowes Avenue in Quincy’s Germantown neighborhood.

Chojnowski turns the street corner and quickly retreats as a very large coyote jumps over a neighbor’s fence.

“Yes, it jumped the fence right here and started following me down to my house,” she said. “It’s concerning and scary all at the same time.”

Her husband’s video cameras captured the frightening encounter.

“She called me in a panic and she said” Rob, Rob a coyote almost attacked me and Brodie,” said Robert Chojnowski.

Chojnowski admits she was nervous during the encounter but was able to rush back inside her home. A neighbor yelled from a window to try to scare the coyote as well.

“During the day it’s a little scary to have a coyote chasing me down the street,” she said.

Luckily, it turned and walked away but a neighbor’s dog wasn’t so lucky.

“I had a little small white dog,” said Richard Beeks, whose dog Jeremy was killed by a coyote a few years ago.

“He got out one day and went underneath the fence in the morning and they got him,” he said.

As for Keri, her husband is buying some things to scare the coyotes away.

“To be loud make noises, have an air horn, w whistle - just the opposite of what I did turn around and start running,” she said.

Mass Wildlife has told us time to make noises to scare coyotes away. They advise people to yell, scream and make loud noises to keep them from getting comfortable.

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