Braintree Barnes & Noble closing after 26 years in business

BRAINTREE, Mass. — The Barnes & Noble in Braintree is closing on Saturday after 26 years in business.

A sign posted at the entrance of the store on Granite Street said the company was unable to agree on a new lease with its landlord, W.P. Carey.

“Barnes & Noble is opening new locations nationwide, and we will continue to look in the Braintree area for potential locations,” the statement continued. “If you’d like a Barnes & Noble store in your community, please let us know! You can email us mybarnesandnoble@bn.com, and share your details if you’d like to be kept informed of our latest news.”

The Barnes & Noble locations in Hingham and Walpole will remain open.

Boston 25 News has reached out to W.P. Carey for comment.