Boston Police officer recounts the night of the riots, when his police SUV was set on fire

BOSTON — On Sunday, May 31st, a Boston police SUV went up in flames as rioting took over the city, during a violent night in Boston after a peaceful protest during the day.

It was just six days after George Floyd died at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer, who pinned Floyd’s neck to the ground for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Protests against racism and police brutality started off peaceful in Boston last Sunday, but as night fell, things turned violent.

Boston 25 has obtained the police report that says the responding police officer showed up on scene to help another officer, that’s when a person started jumping on the windshield of the police SUV.

"The unnamed officer attempted to grab him as he jumped off the hood, but the officer was attacked by a large number of violent protesters who began to throw items at him and punch him,” the police report states.

According to the report, another group of protesters helped the officer who was getting attacked. That officer’s riot gear and body camera was ripped off of him.

The officer then went around to the other side of the cruiser, and tried to stop another person from smashing the window of the cruiser.

The report goes onto say, the officer was attacked again by a group of protesters, and was punched several times. Another group of protesters saw what was going on, and helped the officer again.

The cruiser was eventually vandalized and set on fire. Most of the officer’s equipment was in the cruiser and also set on fire. We are being told that officer is doing okay.

It’s a night that people and business owners will never forget. Several businesses were looted, and burned.