Black women leaders honored with street pole banners in Grove Hall

More than 200 banners were hung along Blue Hill Ave in Boston Thursday, honoring Black women for their leadership and commitment to community.

“When I started, all the foundations said no,” says Greater Grove Hall Main Streets Executive Director, Ed Gaskin.

He set out to honor more than 200 Black women leaders with these banners along Blue Hill Avenue.

“As women and as black women I feel that we have to rewrite the narrative and what we know about them.” says Gaskin.

Gaskin says Rep. Chris Worrell, and the New England Patriots Foundation helped finally secure the funding he needed.

“Frankly, when it was brought to my dad, my brothers, myself. It really was a no brainer,” said the New England Patriots Foundation’s Josh Kraft. “It’s let’s share these stories with everyone so people don’t forget what these incredible women have done.”

Rep. Worrell tells me he wants his daughter to look up and be inspired.

He’s working to secure funding in the state budget so that the project continues.

“I took my daughter and my son and we were stopping traffic at 7 o’clock at night on Blue Hill Ave; people were beeping, " says Worrell. “She was like ‘is that Marilyn Chase?’ Yes, Yes and we go to the next one. Now it’s time to educate who these people are.”

One of those people was Miriam Manning who fostered kids up until she was 95.

“I’ve worked with Children and I really appreciate working with them. Uh, and I enjoy Children. Um, you know, it, it’s my thing that I love to work with Children,” says Manning by phone.

Boston 25 was there in 2019 when Miriam retired from fostering in Boston after 27

Now 99 years old, Boston 25 News asked her by phone, what message she would have for the young people seeing her banner here on Blue Hill Ave.

“Do the best you can for your life. Continue to live. Pray and, and ask the good Lord to help you day by day.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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