Bicyclist dies after getting hit by truck in Boston

BOSTON — A lot of people along Massachusetts Avenue in Boston aren’t surprised by the serious crash Wednesday that resulted in the death of a bicyclist.

“I usually opt to not bike because I don’t want to get hit,” said Bailey Decatur, who lives along Massachusetts Avenue. “Three weeks ago, there was quite literally a biker on the ground, like ambulance and everything outside the Dunkin’.”

This time, police say a dump truck hit a bicyclist along Huntington Avenue by Mass. Ave. just after noon.

The cyclist was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, where he later died, Boston Police said Wednesday night.

“It’s extremely startling because I travel back and forth in the bike lane daily to get to work literally six days a week, so I don’t know, people yell at me for being on the sidewalk, but this is why,” said Alycia Cintron.

Some say the bike lanes throughout the city aren’t enough to keep people safe.

But this year, Massachusetts was ranked the most bike-friendly state, according to the American League of Bicyclists.

Some agree that the city is pretty bike-friendly, with plenty of bike lanes.

“Even just since I’ve been living here for five years, I’ve seen it like double in bike lanes,” said Decatur.

But whether there are bike lanes or not, some drivers argue those bikers don’t always follow the rules of the road.

“Sometimes they drive crazy. They cross you, they drive through the red light, sometimes they don’t stop,” said Tesfai, a driver in Boston.

But both drivers and cyclists can agree seeing an accident like this is a wake-up call, especially for those who don’t bother wearing helmets.

“I’m literally just thinking about ordering some stuff right now because again, I do this daily, and I don’t want to end up in that situation,” said Cintron.

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