Battling brush fires: Flames cropping up throughout Mass.

Gloucester, Mass — A brush fire broke out in Plymouth Sunday afternoon, where flames quickly tore through a wooded area off Hood Drive.

This was one of several brush fires across the state just over the last couple days.

Fire crews were also busy in areas like Weston, Attleboro, Burlington and there was a big one in Gloucester Saturday.

“This is the first brush fire we’ve had for the season and we’re not off to a great start,” said Chief Eric Smith, with the Gloucester Fire Department.

Chief Smith says 80 acres of woods burned near Quarry Street and Hillside Court.

He says this was an early start to brush fire season as his crews faced a couple big challenges.

“The terrain number one, and the wind number two, pushing that fire along in areas where there’s no trails, there’s no real access, and it’s so overgrown and thick that my people just can’t get through it to flank the fire because there’s just no access,” said Chief Smith.

That lack of access is what makes brush fires so difficult for fire crews.

“It’s a difficult thing, it eats up a lot of people and resources, so it’s not only a problem just because we’re burning up trails and woods and open space, it’s using a lot of community resources and tax dollars to deal with it once it happens,” said Chief Smith.

That’s why Chief Smith says now is that time of year for everyone to remain vigilant with any open fires even if they are legal.

“If you’re using anything that gets hot or burns you’ve got to really pay attention to weather conditions, where you’re at, what’s around you and have a plan, pay attention and be ready to extinguish it and control it,” said Chief Smith.

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