Ana Walshe told D.C. police Brian Walshe threatened to kill her back in 2014

COHASSET, Mass. — On social media, missing Cohasset Mom Ana Walshe portrayed a glamorous, happy life with her husband Brian Walshe.

But a police report Boston 25 Reporter Bob Ward obtained, reveals deep trouble even before Ana and Brian were engaged.

According to this public incident report, Ana Knipp (her maiden name), told DC Metro police that Brian Walshe, “made a statement over the telephone that he was going to kill her, and her friends.”

Ana added Brian now lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brian Walshe is not named in the report, but Ward’s sources indicate the suspect here is Brian Walshe.

The report lists the potential offense as felony Threats, but Ana never cooperated with DC Metro Police, Brian Walshe was never charged, and the case was closed.

Former Boston Police Chief Dan Linskey believes this old accusation is now very significant.

“It paints the history that we were looking for to see what was going on in that relationship,” Linskey said. “All relationships have tensions, right? People argue and fight and disagree. But when you’ve gone to authorities because you feel that your physical safety and the physical safety of your friends are in danger to make a formal report, that’s a different standard.”

Slightly more than a year after Ana told police Brian threatened to kill her, she announced her engagement on social media.

And four months later, they were married.

But on May 21, 2018, Ana Walshe posted on Instagram a selfie showing her bruised eye.

Ana captioned this picture: “Mild Concussion, bruised hip, and a cut. #vulnerability.”

Ana explained it to a friend with six words: “Freshly buffed marbled floors at work.”

Linskey tells me, in light of the DC Metro Police report, this picture can be seen in an entirely different light.

“Oftentimes domestic violence victims will cover for their abusers and come up with excuses for their injuries,” Linskey said. “It could also be considered consistent with that posting, vulnerability, that she’s in a vulnerable place in her relationship and is reaching out to folks through that means.”

Ana Walshe remains missing, no one has seen her since New Year’s Day.

Prosecutors say State police found blood and a broken bloody knife in the couple’s Cohasset home.

And Ward’s source says, they’ve recovered evidence linked to Ana in a dumpster near Brian Walshe’s mother’s home on the North Shore of Boston.

Dan Linskey believes the DC Metro Police report, where Ana Walshe said Brian threatened to kill her, may well have been the start of an escalating chain of domestic violence that erupted in Cohasset on New Year’s Day

“If in fact there was an altercation in the family home and a death resulted, and we had the mutilation of her body, clearly that initial threat has gone through the cycle of violence and culminated in the ultimate violence,” Linskey said.

Brian Walshe is held on $500,000 bail at the Norfolk County House of Correction on a charge of misleading investigators as they continue to search for Ana Walshe.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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