25 Investigates: Records show dozens of Steward workers filed complaints about compensation

For weeks 25 Investigates has been looking into whether there were any financial red flags around Steward Health Care in the months and years leading up to this bankruptcy.

25 Investigates submitted a public records request for all complaints about Steward Health Care submitted to the AGO. We obtained five years’ worth of complaints submitted to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office from 2019 until early 2024.

While we didn’t find a clear pattern of any issues, we did find dozens of complaints around employee compensation.

In total, there were close to 300. Anchor and investigative reporter Kerry Kavanaugh spent days going through each of them.

She found dozens of workers submitted complaints with claims of unpaid overtime and unpaid holiday time. There were complaints about raises not taking effect when they were supposed to. Workers also filed complaints stating that when they left a Steward facility, either on their own or if they were let go, there was delay in getting their final paychecks. In some cases, workers claimed they did not receive pay for unused and accrued vacation time.

Kavanaugh asked the Attorney General’s Office what came of these complaints and whether they were investigated.

A spokesperson for the office said they’re working to get an answer to that.

Kavanaugh also reached out to Steward Health Care about what the workers had alleged in their filed complaints. We will update this story if we receive a response.

As for the people who had a payroll glitch in the days after Steward filed for bankruptcy, the AGO says they will review any complaints they get and take payroll issues seriously.

If employees believe they are owed wages, they may file a complaint with the AG’s fair labor division.

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