Local photographer captures barren streets of Boston during quarantine

BOSTON — Nick Nogueira got a firsthand look at Boston like few have seen.

“It just seemed like one day was normal and the next day it was empty and desolate. It looked like everyone just moved out of city and never came back,” he said.

Nogueira, 25, is a freelance photographer who grew up in Fitchburg.

During the first few weeks of the pandemic, he documented the barren streets of Boston through photos.

He compiled them in a book called “Quarantined.”

It’s 28 pages with about 40 photos of some of Boston’s most iconic images.

Nogueira shot the landmarks around the city twice a week for five weeks.

“I just went to the tourist attractions up and down streets near highways and just documented how empty it was during the weekdays from like 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., which would be like normal rush hour,” he said.

Nogueira shot all the images on a medium format film camera from 1970. They gave the photos a vintage feel.

“Even though it was such a dark time, I think photos are incredible to see the city like that,” he said.

A city frozen in time, captured through the lens one photo at a time.

Nogeuira’s goal for the book is to give us a piece of art that can be used as a timestamp in American history that can be passed down to generations to come.

To see Nick’s work and learn more about the book, click here.

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