Local Las Vegas massacre victim remembered as good mother, wife

TEWKSBURY, Mass. — It was supposed to be a fun family vacation.

Jennifer Zeleski’s half-sister, Rhonda LeRocque, was in Las Vegas with her husband, Jason, and their six year old daughter enjoying the Route 91 Country Music Festival Sunday night as a family.

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“She loved going to concerts and traveling,” Zeleski said. “It’s not abnormal that they would have been there.”

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Rhonda LeRocque's father-in-law had just left the concert to take the girl back to the hotel when the sound of gunfire rang out.

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Zeleneski received the devastating phone call that Rhonda LeRocque was among those killed, right in front of her husband.

“He thought she ducked, and she didn’t,” Zeleneski said. “She was caught in the back of the head.”

Zeleneski said Rhonda and Jason LeRocque had been married for 20 years and waited 15 before having their daughter.

On Tuesday Rhonda LeRocque's family and friends, along with members of her Jehovah’s Witness church community are left stunned and grieving when envisioning a life without her.

“This is just ridiculous,” Zeleneski said. “I could understand if one person did something to somebody, but this person went on and killed so many people he didn’t know for no reason. It didn’t make sense.”

Rhonda LeRocque's death has hit her church community hard. Boston 25 News has learned that members of her church are on their way to Las Vegas to help bring Rhonda LeRocque's body back to Massachusetts.

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