Local high school steps up security after 'Florida Part 2' Snapchat threat

Security was stepped up at a local high school after an anonymous threat on Snapchat referenced the most recent shooting rampage in Florida that left 17 people dead.
The principal at Durfee High School in Fall River said in an audio message to parents Thursday the school would have an elevated police presence, would conduct random bag checks and other unannounced security measures would be in place.
An anonymous person posted a warning to students of Durfee High School on Snapchat to not attend class Friday, threatening that it will be "Florida pt 2," a reference to the mass-shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day.
Several Durfee High School students reported the post to police after seeing it.
The principal said the threats are not seen as credible, but they're acting out of an abundance of caution and appreciate the students who spoke up.
"I want to reinforce the statement, 'See something, say something,'" Principal Matt Desmarais said in an audio recording to parents. "This cannot be stressed enough. I am appreciative of those who brought this to our attention today. It is the students who choose to do the right thing each and every day who truly represent the Durfee High School."
Earlier in the day, the superintendent of Fall River Public Schools sent a letter to parents in response to the Florida shooting.
The superintendent stressed the threat is not credible, but wasn’t taking any chances.
"We're never reckless in our decision making," Superintendent Dr. Matthew Malone said. "We're never cavalier."
He said instead of three police officers at the school, there would be eight. There are also metal detectors at the school and there is only one point of entry in a facility that has 48 doors.
Several threats have been made against students and schools that have referenced the Florida mass-shooting, and at least one person has been arrested related to that.
But, Malone said, it’s unknown if this anonymous post had any connection to the other threats posted on social media.