Local Boys and Girls Club keeping kids entertained with their own version of The Masked Singer

BOSTON — Quarantining can take a toll on everyone, especially on kids and their seemingly endless supply of energy.

To help keep kids engaged and entertained, the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester drew inspiration from the new hit show on Boston 25 The Masked Singer and got to work.

While they cannot see the 4,000 children they serve right now, the club’s staff got creative, even though they don’t have the same budget as the show.

“We were unsure if people [would] tune in and watch the stuff that we have been posting but we have had countless emails and phone calls from parents and families thanking us for finding ways to keep the kids engaged and give them a few minute break at home because everyone is stuck in the house so give the parents a little break too,” said Brendan M. McDonald, a staff member at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester.

Each night, the club’s staff will put on masks or filters as they sing and then upload the videos. The kids then have to guess who is behind the mask, just like in the show.

“He did good but the accent gave it away,” said Trevor Gittens.

The kids have 24 hours to watch the videos and vote on social media who they think lost each round.

There will be a winner crowned this weekend, but that doesn’t mean the show’s over.

“We have a lot of staff and a lot more who want to join to the will probably be a season two or season three,” said McDonald.

The videos are especially important for young people living in urban communities where their connection to clubs and after school programming is a lifeline.

For me it’s very important because it’s a break from my schoolwork and it’s also a time for me to hang out with my family when I don’t have a chance to," said Miles Gittens.

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