NH court decision to unseal documents upsets parents of rape, murder victim

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — The parents of a murdered Westborough teen are asking to keep her private life under seal after a New Hampshire Supreme Court ordered it made public in her murderer's appeals trial.

The decision comes after a new rule to the state’s rape shield law that allows sealed documents to be unsealed in an appeal trial.

In October of 2012, Seth Mazzaglia raped 19-year-old Lizzi Marriott and strangled her to death. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last year and is now appealing the decision.

"My daughter's private life should not be discussed over dinner. It is not a movie or TV show. Please don't disregard my daughter's privacy rights,” Lizzi’s father Bob Marriott said.

The court decided to stay the order at the family’s request Tuesday and reconsider the decision in this case, but Lizzi’s parents say they will continue to fight until they are assured her private life will stay private.

"Apparently, in the mind of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, you give up the right to privacy when you have the audacity to become a crime victim and then win your case,” Lizzi’s mother Melissa Marriott said.

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan said she'll fight with the Marriott's on this issue.