Kingston bus driver's good deed for young boy also felt by first responders

KINGSTON, Mass. — A school bus driver in Kingston saved the day for an elementary school student who dropped a plate full of brownies on the floor during the ride to school Tuesday.

Tracy Curley said her son, Oliver, was going to deliver the brownies to Kingston’s fire and police stations with his Cub Scout group after school.

An office worker at Kingston Intermediate School called Tracy to let her know her son was distraught over the accident with the brownies.

Tracy told the worker to assure Oliver she would make sure he had a replacement treat to deliver to the first responders.

“Although I wasn’t exactly sure how that was going to happen,” Tracy said.

Oliver's father ended up running to the store, picking up cookies and getting them to the school just before dismissal. It was then he discovered his son’s bus driver, Michelle Majchrowicz, had already dropped homemade brownies off for Oliver. She apparently made them after finishing her morning bus routes.

Tracey said when Majchrowicz stepped up, it wasn't just about helping a little boy.

"Oliver and his den mates were going on a little good deed mission of their own - just dropping by the police and fire stations with treats and a thank you for the police and fire servicemen and women," Tracy said. "So, she was paying it forward in a pretty big way!"

Boston 25 News reached out to Majchrowicz’s employer, First Student. The company refused to let us interview her.