Joe Biden tours Boston's 'Climate Ready' park projects

BOSTON — Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden got a tour of a special park that will hold a special place in the heart in Boston Wednesday.

Martin's Park is adjacent to the Boston Children's Museum in the Seaport.

It will honor Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

"Obviously [Biden] has a relationship with the Richard family, he met them in 2014 -- the one year anniversary -- he brought Henry into the limousine that time on Air Force Two and stays connected and touch with them," Walsh said.

Construction workers are putting the finishing touches on the park, which is part of Climate Ready Boston, the mayor's plan to transform the city's 47 miles of shoreline to protect neighborhoods from rising sea levels and flooding.

"The thing that people don’t get that the mayor has figured out ahead of everyone else is this creates jobs," Biden said. "The idea about dealing with climate change is, it isn't going to cost people jobs, it creates jobs."

The city's plan includes 67 acres of new open space and 122 acres of revitalized open space on the waterfront. A rendering of Ryan Park in Charlestown would add elevation to the park, the same with the Border Street Waterfront in East Boston.

"That's why we have to invest money that allows communities, states, cities to build back to what is needed," Biden said.