'It just didn't make sense': Tewksbury mother killed in Vegas

'It just didn't make sense': Tewksbury mother killed in Vegas

TEWKSBURY, Mass. — A Tewksbury mother was among those shot and killed at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas Sunday night, her family told Boston 25 News.

Rhonda LeRocque was at the concert with her husband, Jason, her 6-year-old daughter and her father-in-law, family said. Her father-in-law had just left the concert with Rhonda’s 6-year-old daughter when the shooting started.

According to family, Rhonda was shot in the back of the head.

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“[Her husband] thought she ducked and she didn’t she was caught in the back of the head," Rhonda's half-sister Jennifer Zeleneski said.

She and Jason had been married for 20 years after they met at Kingdom Hall, where Jason is a minister.

“This is just ridiculous I could understand if one person did something to somebody but this person went on killed so many people he didn’t know for no reason it just didn’t make sense,” Zeleneski said.

Rhonda was ‘as close to perfection as you can get,’ her family told Boston 25 News. She was the oldest of four girls in her family.

Zeleneki said the family is still in shock, expecting her to walk through the door any moment.

“I can’t imagine the other families, what they’re going through, because it’s so messed up,” she said.

Her family said Rhonda and Jason were huge country music fans and loved Hawaii. She dreamed of owning her own company.

Members of the family's congregation are traveling to Las Vegas to escort the family and Rhonda's body home.