Hubweek to kick off festival of ideas in Boston Tuesday

BOSTON — Hubweek, a first-of-its kind festival, kicks off at City Hall Plaza in Boston Tuesday night.

The world-renowned guests, late-night parties and exhibition of the arts and sciences is open to the public, and most events are free!

“We are building the future here,” Hubweek Chair Linda Pizzuti Henry said. “Things are happening here. There are about 300 people onsite, building this over four days.”

The sprawling layout on the plaza will serve as the home of Hubweek.

“Hubweek is a civic celebration of arts science and technology,” Executive Director Brendan Ryan said. “It's a bunch of smart, fun, interesting people coming together to share their work and connect with people."

He says they're names you'll recognize: John Kerry, Michael Bloomberg, and Malcolm Gladwell will speak and mingle with others at the forefront of their fields.

When construction of the domes is complete, they'll play host to parties, debates, discussion and ideas -- all innovations simmering here in Boston.

“By day, the hub is filled with incredible speakers and demonstrations and innovations and incredible art work.  And by night, it's a party,” said Henry.

Founded in 2014 and billed as an "ideas festival," Ryan says having it here makes simple sense.

“What we're really pulling from is the brainpower from the greater Boston area,” said Ryan.

The week-long event is free and open to the public. More than one hundred institutions, companies, non-profits and businesses will showcase art, cooking -- even a robot block party.

Hubweek has its own app to navigate everything going on this week; but you can also access the events here.


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