How will legalized pot impact renters, employees?

BOSTON — As of December 15, marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but many questions remain about how it will work.

FOX25’s Robert Goulston spoke to former state treasurer Steve Grossman about how this will all shake out.

"It will be just as complicated as if we were bringing alcohol to the Massachusetts for the first time,” he said. "At all times you have to protect the public interest and that's a complicated process.”

The new law will be regulated, like alcohol, under the state treasury.

Governor Baker opposed the ballot initiative, but said his office will work " develop a responsible and timely approach that honors the will of the voters while also addressing public safety and health issues in our communities.”

The ACLU will also be involved telling FOX25 "we must ensure that elected officials who opposed Question 4 do not use their influence to dismantle, hinder, or reject what the voters demanded on Election Day."

The way the ballot question was written does address some unknowns already surfacing.

One concern is that renters could lose their housing.

"Landlords can have in the leases that you cannot smoke or grow marijuana but they can't prohibit you from consuming or using other marijuana products,” Will Luzier, a leader of the Yes on 4 campaign said.

Other concerns include what would happen to someone’s job if they use marijuana.

"I think employers will be concerned about their employees potentially using marijuana and failing drug tests and that could have an impact on their workforce,” Sen Jason Lewis said.

The result of that may have to be sorted out on a case-by-case basis in a courtroom.

"You have to balance a person's right to privacy with the employer's right to have a safe workplace,” Luzier said.

Federal law also comes in to play when it comes to marijuana use, because it is still illegal at the national level.