• How to call for emergency assistance if 911 doesn't work


    BOSTON - If you cannot locate your city or town’s 10-digit emergency number, please contact the State 9-1-1 Department at 508-872-2508 and tell the dispatcher the exact location of the emergency, including city or town, and they can transfer you to the correct department.

    Outage impacting 911 service in Mass. resolved, State Police say

    For those towns listed below that receive dispatch services from the Massachusetts State Police, please use the 10-digit emergency number for your town:

    For towns dispatched by New Braintree Control, the 10-digit emergency number is 508-867-1170:
    • Brimfield
    • Brookfield
    • East Brookfield
    • Hardwick
    • Holland
    • New Braintree
    • North Brookfield
    • Petersham
    • Wales
    • West Brookfield

    For towns dispatched by Northampton Control, the 10-digit emergency number is 413-586-1508:
    • Chester
    • Chesterfield
    • Cummington
    • Goshen
    • Granville
    • Hatfield
    • Huntington
    • Montgomery
    • Pelham
    • Plainfield
    • Russell
    • Williamsburg
    • Westhampton
    • Worthington

    For towns dispatched by Shelburne Control, the 10-digit emergency number is 413-625-8200:
    • Ashfield
    • Bernardston
    • Buckland
    • Charlemont
    • Colrain
    • Conway
    • Deerfield
    • Erving
    • Gill
    • Hawley
    • Heath
    • Leverett
    • Leyden
    • Monroe
    • New Salem
    • Northfield
    • Orange
    • Rowe
    • Shelburne
    • Shelburne Falls
    • Shutesbury
    • Sunderland
    • Warwick
    • Wendell
    • Whately

    The Massachusetts State Police will send out additional updates as we learn more about the status of the carrier outages nationwide that are affecting 9-1-1 service in Massachusetts.

    Additionally, Text-To-911 service is available in Massachusetts. Remember, “Call If You Can, Text If You Can’t.” It is important that you send the dispatcher the EXACT location, including CITY or TOWN, of your emergency so the proper help is sent.


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