How can you keep from getting sick on the T or in a ride share?

With flu season already upon us this winter and Boston’s first case of coronavirus confirmed in a UMass Boston student over the weekend, how can people stay healthy in crowded places, like while using public transportation?

"I actually took Uber this morning because I'm scared of taking the T," said Courtney Curry of Boston. "I've definitely been taking the T and public transportation less, which ends up being more expensive.”

Catching the train has some worried about catching something else.

"Me and my family [have] become more cautious about things going on," said Dennis Nguyen of Boston.

"Really the most effective way is to make sure you wash your hands," said Dr. Brian Chow of Tufts Medical Center’s Division of Infectious Diseases, adding that health officials typically do not encourage people to wear masks, gloves or other protective gear while using public transportation.

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Chow says it's all about knocking down the number of germs on your hands after your get to your destination.

"Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is what is recommended if you don't have access to soap and water,” he said.

Ride share drivers at Logan Airport’s waiting area all seem to have disinfectant wipes at the ready.

"I just wipe out everywhere,” said Fatih Burhan. “Dashboard, arm and back seats."

Because state health officials say the risk of Coronavirus is so low in the state, the MBTA is urging riders to take the precautions they normally would for the flu and common colds.