Hingham father and daughter recreate iconic movie scenes

HINGHAM, Mass. — Alex Zane was looking for anything to pass time and keep his 5-year-old daughter, Matilda, busy during the early stages of the pandemic.

So the prosecutor with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office came up with the idea of recreating iconic movie scenes with Matilda in them.

“I have no experience taking photographs know nothing about lighting anything like that, so it’s been to figure that out,” Zane said.

Some of the pictures they recreated include movies “The Hangover,” “Legally Blonde,” “The Shining,” “The Terminator” and “Karate Kid.” Their most memorable shoot was also their coldest.

“I’d have to go with the ‘Free Willy’ recreation where she climbed on top of a jetty and I went out in the ocean," Zane said. "It was probably April so it was freezing. That was pretty exciting to pull off. It tells you where I was in life. I felt pretty good about myself when we got that shot.”

The Hingham father sent the pictures to a college friend in Colorado who photoshops Matilda into scenes. Zane then posts the pictures to Instagram.

They now have nearly 16,000 followers all around the globe.

“The reaction has been insane that people, total strangers, enjoy it and seem to laugh at it is mind blowing and it’s pretty cool people all over the world seem to be liking the photos,” Zane said.

You can find their Instagram account here: @tot_for_tot_remakes.