High school staff member accused of sexually assaulting female student

BOSTON – A Boston Public Schools staff member is on leave after allegedly making inappropriate comments about his sex life and sexually assaulting a student at Charlestown High School.

Boston 25 News reporter Jacob Long talked to one of the victims who said the male staff member’s behavior left her traumatized.

“With his arm on my shoulder he slapped my butt. And it wasn't an accident. He meant it,” she said. “He would talk about his wife and how his wife doesn't have sex with him and if he doesn't have sex with her. He'll get it from someplace else.”

The girl, who we're not identifying, said that she reported the man to Boston Public Schools despite threats from those who support him.

She also posted about it on social media as a warning to others.

“She knew what she was getting into, we knew. But I felt like us going to the school for help didn't help and this was only way anyone would listen to us,” the girl’s mother said.

In a letter to the student's family, BPS said the Office of Equity found sufficient evidence to show that prohibited conduct occurred after an investigation.

The staff member is now on paid leave, but still employed by the district.

“It's hard to trust someone and then they just like do that to you,” the girl said. “I hope he's not allowed to be around kids.”

For the student's family, the punishment isn't enough. They say the man deeply violated their trust and that his days in a school should be over.

“It makes me scared for any child for them to have to go through that,” the girl’s mother said.

The district said Boston police and the department of Children and families have been made aware of the case, and that his conduct of behavior remains under investigation.