Lynn graphic designer writes free book to help children understand coronavirus

LYNN, Mass. — The adults are still figuring it out, so to children coronavirus, COVID-19, and quarantine are terms and situations that may be overwhelming.

“It’s a very heartbreaking and sobering time that we are living in and when I was thinking about the kids in the community, I was thinking about what is going through their minds, ‘how are they processing all of this?’” said Nicole Rim, of Lynn.

The graphic and web designer decided to address the situation by writing her first children’s book.

It’s called ‘King Covid and the Kids Who Cared.’ It’s an E-Book that parents can download for free.

“I wanted to write and illustrate a book that could help them make sense of what was going on amid the pandemic and also to empower them and to show them that they can make a difference during this time," Rim said.

It answers a lot of questions that she was hearing from parents.

“After talking to some of my friends, I heard that some of their kids didn’t really understand why some of their kids couldn’t go to school,” she said.

It also takes into account the diverse community she lives in and right now, it’s also available for free.

“I just got a message from one of my friends who said that I have to pay for his water bill because his kids have been washing their hands so often, I’m just so amazed it’s reaching so many people," Rim said.

The book is currently available in English and Spanish but she is working to get it translated into other languages and also into hard copy for those who can’t access it digitally.

There is a way to donate to those efforts on her website.

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