Dr. Anthony Fauci surprises Holy Cross 2020 graduates with inspiring message

BOSTON — Dr. Anthony Fauci took time from leading the nation’s fight against COIVD-19 to offer a message of hope to the College of the Holy Cross Class of 2020.

Fauci graduated from Holy Cross in 1962 and surprised the graduates with a prerecorded video during their virtual “celebration ceremony” on Friday.

“The College of the Holy Cross, from which I graduated in 1962 holds a very special place in my heart,” Fauci told the graduates.

Fauci majored in Classics with a pre-med concentration.

“I am profoundly aware that graduating during this time and in this virtual way…is extremely difficult,” he said. “We are currently living through an unprecedented global pandemic. I encourage you to stay strong and unflinching. The country and the world need your talent, your energy, your resolve and your character,” Fauci added.

Fr. Philip Boroughs, President of the College of the Holy Cross, says Fauci was very involved during his time as a student. He played sports and was treasurer of the school’s biology club.

“He was very active and worked very hard. He appreciated what he was given,” said Boroughs.

Fauci told the graduating class that the Jesuit values he learned at the college, including intellectual vigor, precision of thought and service to others are what is helping him lead the country during this unprecedented time.

“The education that you and I have received at Holy Cross, steeped in Jesuit traditions, should suit us well to ultimately confront and overcome this historic pandemic,” Fauci proudly said.

Boroughs said he’s not surprised Fauci took the time to craft such a thoughtful message but he is extremely grateful.

“I think he attributes all the things important to him to his Jesuit education…I think that wholeness is kind of what we need in the world today,” Fr. Boroughs said.

Fauci ended his remarks by congratulating the class and wishing them well.

“I wish you good health and all the best as you pursue the upcoming adventures in your lives,” he said.

Holy Cross plans to hold an official graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 sometime next spring.

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