Boston dealing with unusual surge in rodent complaints

BOSTON — Boston is dealing with an unusual surge in rodent complaints across the city.

Some of those who have been calling 311 are reporting rats “the size of cats” scampering around in search of food at all hours of the day.

Now, Boston Inspectional Services says it’s stepping up proactive rodent control activities including baiting and trapping areas across the city where complaints have been coming in.

Those who have been complaining say it’s not just the number of rats they’re seeing, but also behavior unlike anything they’ve seen before.

“It’s like every hour of the day they’re running around,” an Allston resident told Boston 25 News. “They literally don’t care at this point.

They’re the guests no one wants and people across Boston are trying to get rid of the rats.

They say are making their presence known both day and night.

“They don’t look like your usual rats, definitely bigger. You will literally be there and have a rat standing next to you and they’re not even afraid,” said Allston resident Adit Thapa.

Boston Inspectional Services believes the closing of restaurants back in mid-March played a role in bringing out a more visible presence of rodents searching for other food sources.

The biggest surge in rodent complaints is coming out of Allston-Brighton during the pandemic, an 88% increase compared to last year.

In East Boston complaints are up 56% and in Back Bay there’s been a 43% increase.

The Walsh administration has especially been keeping note of the rodent complaints since May when the CDC warned health departments to be on the lookout for unusual and aggressive rodent behavior, something neighbors say they’ve been witnessing and complaining about for months through 311.