3,800+ students added to Boston Archdiocese schools since mid-July

BOSTON — Schools in the Boston Archdiocese have returned to class for in person-learning with an ongoing spike in enrollment since mid-July.

Thomas Carroll, superintendent of schools for the archdiocese, told Boston 25 News that more than 3,800 students have enrolled since July 15.

Carroll believes the uptick began after several local teachers unions voiced strong opposition to opening on time with in-person learning.

“Every week enrollment has gone up. We don’t know when it’s going to end,” Carroll told Boston 25 News.

All 99 of the Boston Archdiocese schools are offering in-person learning five days a week.

“A lot of people are disappointed in some of the public schools not really having a plan. They turned to Catholic schools and private schools for help,” said Sean Quirk, whose two kids are enrolled at South Boston Catholic Academy.

According to Carroll, of the 3,800 students that have enrolled since mid-July, 1,000 have been added in the last three weeks.

Schools in the Boston Archdiocese are also live streaming classes for families who opt out of in-person learning.

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