Haverhill man threatened with fines if he doesnt remove Trump signs

HAVERHILL, Mass. — A Haverhill man said he’s been threatened with daily fines if he doesn’t remove the majority of the Donald Trump signs from his property.

Richard Early has at least a dozen signs supporting the Republican presidential candidate that range in size from one foot to a full banner.

Individually they might be fine, but according to a letter from the city inspector they are collectively too big.

"They've been up since January and now all of a sudden Trump's getting a little momentum and I'm out of ordinance,” Early said.

The ordinance says political campaign signs cannot exceed a maximum of 32 square feet for each property.

Early’s cover an estimated 200 square feet.

"If they came to me in January, February when I put it up and said hey I think you're out of ordinance, then I probably would've done something,” he told FOX25.

If the signs aren’t removed, the city inspector said Early could face fines of up to $300 per day.

"The Trump signs are staying up, that's it, bottom line, they're not coming down,” he said.