Harry’s donates $1 million worth of shaving products to healthcare workers

NEW YORK, NY — Harry’s is well-known for great personal care and customer service, so it should come as no surprise the healthcare product company has stepped up in a big way during this fight against the Coronavirus.

Harry’s has donated $1,000,000 worth of shaving products to healthcare workers in New York and beyond.

Co-CEO Jeff Raider, who grew up in Wellesley, spoke with me Friday afternoon about his company’s commitment.

“We heard two things,” said Raider. "First, that people had to shave to wear M-95 masks. We literally heard from people who hadn’t shaved in 20 years, being like, ‘Hey, I know you sell razors, and I need a razor so that I can be safe. The second thing that we heard was that people weren’t staying at home all the time. They were staying at the hospital or hotels because they didn’t want to infect their families.

“We just started sending products to people who would reach out to us to try to help them however we could. Then we took a step back and figured we should something more systematically.”

The company donated $500,000 worth of products to healthcare workers in New York, and has made $500,000 worth of products available to healthcare workers in other states.

If you are a healthcare worker in need of shaving supplies contact Harry’s at this e-mail address: