• Gypsy moth pesticide injected into trees said to stop caterpillars in their tracks


    BROCKTON, Mass - There are many home remedies to prevent caterpillars and gypsy moths from destroying trees, but one local company tells Boston 25 News the solution is as simple as getting a shot.

    Recent rain will help down the road, but the caterpillars that already hatched this year are here to stay, and this this vaccine for trees may be just the trick.

    Across New England gypsy moths wreak havoc, 350 acres were eaten last year and many people have experienced the nasty red rash caused by coming in contact with the hairs on the caterpillars.

    But there is hope. Roy Gorden is an arborist for Arborjet, a company based in Woburn, and he says the solution is a pesticide injected directly into the tree through drilled holes.

    “What’s it’s really designed to do is put the insecticide directly into the trees own vascular tissue like our veins and arteries and that sort of thing,” he said. “We’re talking about an ounce in an entire tree, a teaspoon or less.”

    The pesticide stops the moths in their tracks.

    “Within days of treatment will stop any further feeding,” Gorden said.

    The cost of the treatment depends on the size of the tree, but Gorden says it is much more affordable than removing a dead tree.

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