Gun shops along state border seeing record sales after assault weapon crackdown

SALISBURY, Mass. — Gun shops and shooting ranges near the Massachusetts/New Hampshire line say they're seeing record numbers in the wake of an announced crackdown on gun sales regulations by Attorney General Maura Healey.

At Bob's Shooting Range, located right on the border, 16-year-old Tia Martinetti was a little intimidated as she shot a gun for the first time.

"Just the thought of holding one," she said.

Her father is a police officer in Mass., which is why she says she's learning how to use a gun.

"So if he's every threatened, the family is threatened," she has a gun, she said.

Analysts say women now make up the fastest growing new market for gun sales.

Karen Fortier just bought her first gun.

"This is my best target from target practice this past weekend," she said, pointing to a target. "I've been worried about news, we've been hearing lately about everything going on in this world. You know, if someone was intentionally trying to do harm to myself or my family I'm going to do what I need to do."

The shop's owner said the 9-mm carry gun, primarily used for self defense, is his number one seller.

The orlando shooting, and recent cop killing, have brought a record number of new gun buyers into Bob's gun shops.

"It started originally after the first Paris attack," said Dave Reagan, Firearms Instructor for Bob's Gun Shops. "We just -- our class size went up dramatically since then. It's every time an incident happens, people just come flooding in."

The Piscataqua Fish and Game is also full, and they said they're not used to having a wait list to get in.

Healey has been asked to clarify the rules about assault weapons.