Franklin high students return to school amid teacher accusations

FRANKLIN, Mass. ( – A Franklin High School teacher is on paid leave while school administrators and authorities look into "serious allegations of misconduct" against him or her; however, even as students returned to school, officials remained tight-lipped about the details.

A school committee meeting was held Tuesday night during which the committee's president read aloud a statement sent home to parents on Monday regarding the allegations against the teacher.

After the statement was read, business carried on as usual. And when the meeting was over, members left the meeting without comment on the situation.

It is still unclear what the allegations are and how many students, if more than one, were involved.

However, in Franklin, the serious allegations against the teacher are anything but business as usual.

The allegations were brought to the school's attention after another staff member saw conversations about the "misconduct" on Twitter.

Students were welcomed back to school Tuesday and many officials were worried the allegations would disrupt learning and cut into the school day. But officials said they were pleasantly surprised that didn't seem to be the case.

"The students had been buzzing about this probably since the beginning of August, so for them it is old news. But now, the adults, we're just catching up to this and you now it's been a little frustrating," Franklin School Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski said.

On Monday, parents and students told FOX 25 that the teacher in question was male and that he is accused of sexual misconduct with a female high school student.

"We got a call from FOX News that you guys had gotten the story that we had a complaint from the parent. We were grappling with how to roll it out," Sabolinski said.

Sabolinski spoke with FOX 25 Monday, but would not go on camera. Tuesday, she held a press conference, but still did not want her face shown saying the story isn't about her.

Sabolinski has also repeatedly refused to reveal the identity of the teacher, as well as the subject the teacher taught citing his or her right to due process.

Parents want to know why they aren't being told saying they have a right to know who this person is and if their child was involved.

The superintendent said it is still under investigation whether a student or students were involved.

An email was sent to parents in Franklin announcing a meeting to address the allegations this upcoming Thursday. Administration also wants to address a broader message pertaining to social media and how parents should be monitoring what their children are doing online.

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