Former Dedham officer walks free after sentencing hearing in 2013 murder

DEDHAM, Mass. — A former Dedham police officer faces years in prison for his role in the kidnapping and killing of a man from the South Shore, but he walked out of court Thursday -- angering the victim's family.

At one point, it looked like Michael Shoener was headed right for prison, but that quickly changed based on his appeal.

"I never thought my dad would be kidnapped or murdered," Connor Robertson, 16, told Boston 25 News. "My sister and I will miss out on a lot of things by not having our dad. It all comes down to a decision made by a police officer who's supposed to catch the bad guys."

Two men kidnapped Connor's Father, James Robertson, from his home in Avon on New Year's Day in 2014. Shoener was found guilty of giving the men his police badge, holster and handcuffs, which were later used by the men to pose as constables and kidnap Robertson.

He was later found murdered in the woods of Upton.

In court, the 45-year-old apologized before sentencing, blaming his addiction to pills.

"I apologize for any of my actions that led to this horrible, horrible thing that happened to James," Shoener said in court Thursday.

The judge sentenced Shoener to 6-9 years in prison and as he was put in handcuffs, his attorney pleaded for a stay pending an appeal.

The judge granted it, angering the victim's family.

"He should be in jail. He killed my brother. He gave the items that killed my brother, that tricked my brother into being compliant," Mark Robertson said. "He's going out for steak tonight, right?"

Prosecutors tried to fight the stay, saying it's time for Shoener to pay for his actions.

But now, both sides wait. The appeal process could take years.

The two men who carried out the kidnapping and murder were convicted in October.

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