Father stabbed by son says suspect was 'out of his mind'

A Needham man is being accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death and then driving to a family party and stabbing both his parents.

Benjamin Walsh, 24, was placed into police custody after he was tied up by family members and staff at the Primavera restaurant in Millis on Saturday night.

Mike Walsh was still recovering from his injuries when he spoke to Boston 25 News on Sunday about the incident and how he learned of the young woman's death.

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Walsh says he was in the emergency room being treated for stab wounds while his wife was still in serious condition.

It was then that he saw on the news that a young woman had been stabbed in Needham as the camera showed the house his son lives in.

Still in disbelief, Walsh is concerned his son was "out of his mind" when he committed these crimes.

"I know that when Ben realizes what he did last night he will be devastated," said Walsh.

Walsh says he is mentally and physically exhausted after surviving stab wounds allegedly inflicted on his by his own son.

Police say Ben Walsh showed up to the restaurant where his parents were attending a family party and stabbed his mother in the gut with a large kitchen knife.

People at the restaurant, including owner Jerry Gaita, had to hold Ben down until police arrived.

"It just seems like he came here on one mission," said Gaita.

Walsh says he thought they were the only ones attacked until they learned Ben had stabbed his girlfriend to death before showing up at the restaurant.

"My son, my other son, called the Needham Police and asked them to check on Olivia, and we didn't hear anything else," Walsh said. "I think i was in the emergency room when I saw on television there was a fatal stabbing in Needham and that's when I feared it was her."

Police found the body of a young woman at 64 Marshall Street stabbed to death.

The victim found at the apartment in Needham has been identified by the District Attorney's office as 20-year-old Olivia Bergstrom.

Walsh says although his son had a history of mental health and substance abuse issues, he never imagined Ben would harm his mother, much less his girlfriend.

"She's, you know, a person he relies a lot on for support, I know she's not a person he would ever want to hurt," said Walsh.

Tonight, Walsh says he and his wife are mourning the loss of a dear young woman.

"You know, we didn't ask for this, we're doing the best we can to help Ben through all his problems, we were very engaged with medical professionals, we have been," said Walsh. "So we just need space."

Benjamin Walsh is scheduled to be arraigned at the Wrentham District Court on Monday morning on charges related to the stabbing of his parents. The exact charges faced by Walsh will be released tomorrow.

Walsh may be arraigned at the Dedham District Court for the murder of his girlfriend subsequent to his arraignment at the Wrentham District Court.