Family evacuated after car slams into Dorchester home, breaks gas line

DORCHESTER, Mass. — Police are trying to figure out why a driver lost control and ended up plowing her car right into a Dorchester home Friday night.

The force of the crash at the corner of Milton Avenue and Selden Street caused a gas leak at the home and left a family looking for another place to say.

Imagine getting ready for bed and hearing what sounds like an explosion under your home.

A woman who lives inside the home told FOX25's Stephanie Coueignoux she had just put her kids to bed and was going to bed herself when she heard the loud boom.

"Had it taken another turn, I could have been the target because my bed is right there," resident Carol King said. "I was literally in the bed. I had just laid down. This happened within 15 minutes of me calling it a night."

The triple decker at the corner had to be evacuated very early Saturday morning when the gas and water lines were damaged.

"I heard the boom and we both heard the boom," Martin King said. "I came out on the porch. I saw the car, the woman asked me, 'can you please call the EMS.'"

Saturday morning, the house was barricaded with temporary orange fencing. The car went through a chain link fence, then a wooden fence and ended up stuck under the porch.

The district fire chief said the driver was trapped under the car for about 10 minutes after the crash. When fire crews got her out, she was taken to a hospital with injuries to her legs.