Fall season expected to be great for foliage viewing

BOSTON — It may feel like summer outside, but fall is just around the corner.

Boston 25 News Stormtracker Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski says the fall colors are supposed to be spectacular this year.

A lot of viewers are sending in colorful pictures of leaves already starting to change, and as of this week some portions of the higher elevations of northern New Hampshire and Vermont are reporting up to 30 percent change. Even in parts of Massachusetts the yellows, oranges and reds are starting to show up.

Typically, northern New England peaks in late September, while southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts peak in early- to mid-October.

Peak foliage is predicted in Massachusetts this year between the last days of September and first days of October -- about a week or two early from our normal peak times.

This is partially due to the heavier than average rainfall during the early summer and the warm temperatures that are expected the next couple of weeks.

In New England, the leaves are generally brightest when the late summer is warm and dry and autumn has a lot of sunny days and cool nights.

As long as there are no big wind storms and not much frost, this season is shaping up to be a good one for leaf peepers.

Boston 25 News asked viewers: 'Where do you prefer to go leaf peeping?' Nearly 60 percent of voters said the prefer to leave Massachusetts and head north.


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