Exclusive: Convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman moved to Connecticut

ROCKY HILL, Conn. — It appears convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman is having trouble finding a place to live.

Last August, Wayne Chapman was released from prison for the first time in forty years when a jury acquitted him of charges that he exposed himself to staff at MCI Shirley.

Recently, I was the first to tell you that convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman had been moved from Boston Medical Center, where he had been living for months, to the Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Medford.

But just days after my story aired, Chapman was on the move again.

He is now living out of state in Connecticut at a long term nursing facility called 60 West, located in the town of Rocky Hill just outside Hartford.

Wayne Chapman is now listed in the National Sex Offender Registry and in the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry as living at 60 West.

Chapman’s lawyer, Eric Tennen, told me Wayne Chapman was run out of Medford.

“Despite the fact that he posed no threat to anyone inside or outside that facility, they were receiving threats and it became a safety risk to them to continue to help Mr. Chapman,” attorney Tennen told me.

Wayne Chapman had admitted to police that he molested up to a hundred boys, and he is a suspect in the 1976 disappearance of Andy Puglisi from Lawrence.

Medford filmmaker Melanie Perkins McLaughlin is a childhood friend of Puglisi and was with him the day he vanished. She has produced an award winning HBO documentary called “Have You Seen Andy?” which examines Chapman’s criminal past.

When Wayne Chapman was recently moved to Medford, he was located close to Melanie’s home. She does not believe Medford community threats led to his relocation to Connecticut.

“I was told Chapman had to leave the [Medford] nursing home because he was having some stomach issues and he was going to a hospital in Boston,” Melanie said. “And that he was not being invited back by the nursing home because he was harassing the nursing home staff.”

Attorney Tennen told me Chapman has been transparent with the staff at the Rocky Hill, Connecticut, nursing home about his criminal past.

It remains to be seen if Rocky Hill, Connecticut, will now be Wayne Chapman’s permanent home.