• Engine issues force JetBlue flight bound for Boston to return to runway


    A JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to Boston returned to the runway just after takeoff Sunday as black smoke billowed from the wing.

    Passengers told Boston 25 News that the pilot mentioned a blown tire and engine, describing the scene after they landed at Boston's Logan Airport around 3 a.m. Monday on a different aircraft.

    A video posted by a passenger shows smoke pouring from an engine and over the wing of the plane.



    “We just barely got off and all of a sudden I hear this bang, pop. The plane kinda went sideways and it just set back down and I saw smoke coming out the side," said Theresa Alexander, a passenger on the flight.

    JetBlue said in a statement Monday that the smoke was coming from the right engine during takeoff.  "The smoke was quickly suppressed and the aircraft taxied safely back to the gate. All customers safely deplaned and the aircraft was taken out of service for inspection,” the statement said.

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