• Dugout seats could give Red Sox fans unforgettable Fenway experience


    BOSTON - Fans at Fenway Park could soon get to watch a Red Sox game like a member of the team.


    Boston’s Landmark Commission just approved plans for new dugout-style seats, which would give fans the same view of the game as the players.

    PHOTOS: Fenway OK’s dugout-style seating for fans

    As many as 25 (lucky) fans would then be able to stand or sit on barstools in the new dugout right next to the Red Sox’s actual dugout.

    Don’t get excited yet, though.

    Major League Baseball still needs to sign off on the plan because the seating would affect foul territory.

    Boston 25 News reached out to MLB officials for more information on how the process is going, and we’ll bring you updates on-air and online as soon as we get new details. 

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