Dog rescued from locked car at Nantasket Beach

HULL, Mass. — A dog was freed from a car parked at Nantasket Beach after bystanders called police for help.

A trooper was working at the beach when people walking by alerted him to a dog locked in a car.

The windows were cracked, but out of precaution, police decided to get the dog out. With the help of a towing company, officers were able to pop the lock and free the dog.

There was no water in the car and it was quite warm inside - registering at 115 degrees. The pup was taken to Weymouth Vet Clinic out of precaution.

Police said the owner came back to the car after the dog was out and officers spoke with them about the dangers of hot cars. The family told police they had just moved from California and didn't know dogs were not allowed on the beach.

Police said Friday a 35-year-old Whitman woman has been charged with animal cruelty in relation to the incident.