Documentary crew delves into mystery of 'The Highway Murders'

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — The investigation into murders along highways in New Bedford was the biggest homicide investigation in Massachusetts since the Boston Strangler case.

The highway murders are still unsolved and now a local documentary team is aiming to give this baffling case a fresh look.

It's a case that still haunts people 28 years later. Nine women found murdered along New Bedford area highways and the killer has never been caught.

"It's one of the most well-known unsolved serial murder cases in the history of the country," filmmaker Aaron Cadieux said. "And to this point, nobody has done a project of this nature."

All nine of the known highway murders victims battled drug abuse and the filmmakers believe that's how the highway killer chose his victims.

"The women were in bars," said David Grochmal. "And they were probably lured by the use of drugs by the killer -- probably out to his vehicle -- and then, that was it."

The filmmakers have spent a year and a half just researching the highway murders timeline. They are interviewing as many people as they can.

Despite a very public grand jury investigation and the emergence of several suspects, the case is unsolved. That means the documentary has no ending.

"It doesn't have an end yet," said Cadiuex. "Who knows if someone will come forward with information that could crack this thing, that's one of the major goals of this project."

"There were 11 families that lost family members and they want answers," Grochmal said. "The documentary is called The Highway Murders."

Cadiuex and Grochmanl said they hope to release the film in 2017.

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