Cyclist riding across country for charity killed along 3,500-mile route

A Maine man who set out to cycle a 3,500-mile route across the country to raise money for a children's hospital has died during his ride.

James Dobson, who was cycling from Dover, New Hampshire to San Diego, California was struck by a car and killed on his 44th day of riding.

Friends gathered in Maine to honor Dobson, who they say had a vibrant personality.

"He knew the risk but once he set out to do it, he was gung ho about it," said Corey Gilpin, a childhood friend.

For Dobson, it was just another challenge.

"There’s a lot of us that said he was nuts but, once James put his mind to whatever he wanted, he would do whatever he could to succeed," said James Richesn, another childhood friend.

Dobson set out on this journey to raise $10,000 for a New Hampshire children's hospital. He called it the positive vibes tour after months of training.

He left from Dover on Oct. 1, documenting his journey on YouTube every step of the way.

In one video, Dobson spoke of his motivation for the journey.

"Those kids don’t have the opportunity to make a choice, to get out of the hospital and not get the treatment, so I feel I have an obligation and that’s why I ride," he said in a previous YouTube video recording.

He reached Mississippi on Tuesday, which was Day 44 of his trip, when he was struck and killed by a car. His childhood friends told Boston 25 News that life will be boring without him. The 32-year-old had a unique vibrant personality that radiated positivity.

In just a matter of hours, Dobson's goal of $10,000 has already surpassed that amount.

His friends say this summer, they plan to continue a "Positive Vibes Tour" in memory of their beloved friend, on motorcycles from Mississippi to California.

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