Court docs: Kidnapped Boston woman kept in drunken hell for 3 days

BOSTON — A woman kidnapped after a night out in Boston was held for three days, forced to drink whiskey and repeatedly raped in a Charlestown apartment, according to Suffolk Superior Court Documents.

The statements unveiled in court Wednesday outline the three miserable days a 23-year-old Boston woman spent locked in a small apartment on Walford Way.

It began when police say Victor Peña, the suspected kidnapper who has been charged, found the woman outside a Boston bar she had been asked to leave. Police say surveillance shows him hugging and kissing her before leading her away onto the Orange Line and to his Charlestown apartment.

Much of the footage purportedly shows Peña carrying the woman or visibly supporting her as police say she was heavily intoxicated and doesn't recall any of the time after leaving the bar Saturday night until Sunday morning.

According to police, she remembers waking up in the apartment "on a bare mattress in Peña's apartment."

"When she tried to get dressed  and leave, Peña physically stopped her, told her to be quiet and threatened several times to kill her," court documents state. "He said he rescued her on the street, he loved her and they were going to start a family."

Police say she recalls being sexually assaulted several times over the next two days as Peña fed her only canned pineapple and forced her to drink whiskey. According to police, Peña used his cell phone to take photos of himself with the victim, who appears "lethargic" and "listless."

When the victim tried to escape again, police say she found the door deadbolted with a new lock.

Out of fear of what might happen if she fought back, police say the woman submitted to his assaults and offered to help him clean his apartment to placate him.

Her friends tracked her location through Apple's Find My Friends app, but were unable to find her near where her phone pinged Sunday afternoon in Charlestown. The friends then went to police to file a missing persons report after the location stopped showing up.

Police say they were able to match a Charlie Card issued to Walford Way in Peña's name.

On Tuesday afternoon, Boston police showed up at the apartment but got no response.

They couldn't get into the apartment with housing police's master key so they had to drill through the unauthorized deadbolt.

While that was happening, police say Peña gave the victim her phone and told her to text someone and tell them she was okay.

According to police, physical evidence corroborates the victim's accounts of what happened.

Pena was held without bail following a court appearing Wednesday, pending another appearance in April.