Commission proposes Boston drivers be charged a 'congestion fee'

BOSTON — Drivers in Boston may be looking at paying even more fees just for driving into the city.

Parking in the city is already expensive, but city officials are considering a plan to cut down on pollution that would make drivers pay up even more.

As part of the city's plan to go carbon neutral by 2050, the Green Ribbon Commission released a report on Tuesday with bold measures to get there, including charging people who drive in and out of Boston a congestion fee.

The group, set up by Mayor Marty Walsh, is pushing for a $5 congestion fee to cut down the number of cars passing through the city.

The idea would be to charge drivers going into and out of Downtown, the Back Bay, Seaport and Longwood Medical area $5.

Researchers say that the average driver in those four areas makes an estimated 2.3 trips per day.

The fee is at the high end of the range of congestion fees in other major cities in the world.

In comparison, London has a $14.50 daily charge for drivers traveling within the city's congestion zones.

Mayor Walsh told Boston 25 News, "Mayor Walsh appreciates the recommendations made in the report, however, the City of Boston is not implementing congestion pricing at this time."

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