Cleanup continues after impact of Isaias

Cleanup continues after impact of Isaias

NEWTON, Mass. — Power crews are continuing to work to try to reconnect power after Tropical Storm Isaias took out trees and utility poles.

Crews in Newton were clearing snapped trees and branches. More than 200,000 customers lost power. Crews have been working through the night and day to reconnect everything. Some lost their power because crews had to shut off power to make repairs.

"It's hot obviously and so all our air is off, everything is off," one woman in Newton told Boston 25 News.

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Marquis Tree Service crews had multiple jobs removing broken trees and branches, in some cases off of people's homes.

"They were out all last night working with different towns and municipalities and other power companies," Brian Hebert, who works with Marquis Tree Service, said.

State Emergency officials said the storm's path left part of the state dealing high winds.

"Certainly a big damage from the wind. We didn't see some of the other impacts that we see with a tropical storm such as heavy rainfall and coastal flooding because the storm was so far west," said MEMA Public Information Officer Chris Besse.

Besse also said it was the first major storm since the pandemic. He said the new protocols did not impact their response and they are preparing for more severe weather, especially if they need to open shelters.

“We created guidance for cities and towns to give them resources so if they do open a shelter, how to do it safely, how to use face coverings, disinfectants, obviously COVID-19 is still a very big threat,” Besse said.