Charging drone battery sets fire to pool table in Groveland

A resident left the battery of this drone charging on a pool table, which then caught fire. (Groveland Fire)

GROVELAND, Mass. — A pool table caught fire after a drone battery that was charging overheated, says Groveland Fire.

Last week, the Groveland Fire Department was called to a home after a pool table caught on fire. Officials say a drone battery was left charging on top of the pool table and overheated, causing the material on the table to catch fire. No one was injured.

The drone's battery overheated and caught fire. (Groveland Fire)

A few weeks before this incident, Groveland Fire was called to a home for a carbon monoxide detector that was going off. Responding firefighters say the basement smelled like acid. There, they noticed an automobile battery being charged indoors that set off the CO detector.

The fire department wants to remind residents that these types of incidents are not uncommon.

“Any type of battery, whether it’s in a drone, toy, or even a cell phone, creates heat and if they’re on a combustible surface, they can cause a fire,” said Chief Robert Lay.

Fire officials say residents should always follow safety tips from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services: don’t place charging devices on soft surfaces, always use approved charging systems, follow manufacturer’s instructions, don’t charge batteries in extreme temperatures and place and properly discard damaged batteries.

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