Carrie Fisher drank 16 sodas a day, called signature bun hairstyle 'hair prison'

Carrie Fisher discussed her affinity for Coca-Cola, her real opinion about her signature double-bun hairstyle in "Star Wars" and her relationship with co-star Harrison Ford in a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

During the Nov. 28 interview, DeGeneres referred to Coca-Cola as Fisher's "drink of choice" after pointing out that the 60-year-old actress put the soda in her mug instead of coffee or tea. Fisher told the talk show host that she drank "maybe 16" Coca-Cola beverages daily.

"But I don't drink all of them. I start them, but then it starts to get warm. And then you have to get another one ... They have to (have) that sharp, sharp cold taste," she said.

Fisher went on to say that her father, singer Eddie Fisher, was a representative for the brand in the 1950s.

But the actress didn't drink as much of the beverage during filming for "Star Wars," when she lost weight for the role.

"They like to hire part of me," she said. "So I have to get rid of the part they don't want. So when I'm hired for 'Star Wars,' every time, they have hired about three quarters of the size that I am."

"Can it still be called baby fat when you're 19?" she joked.

Fisher said the signature double-bun hairstyle hid the "baby fat" she had in her cheeks.

"So they can contain the fat," she said. "That was the prison -- the hair prison for the fat."

Fisher also talked about her book, "The Princess Diarist," in which she reveals her affair with Ford 40 years after their relationship.

"I told other stuff to distract people so they would never figure it out," Fisher said. "No one thought it was happening at the time. I don't even know if he did."

Fisher said she was "infatuated" with Ford, who was married and 14 years her senior, at the time.

Fisher, who appeared briefly at the end of "Rogue One," the latest film installment of "Star Wars," died Tuesday.