BPD remains tight-lipped about helicopter exercise with defense department

BOSTON — For several days this week, people in Boston and the surrounding area have heard large helicopters flying around the area.

Many people reached out to FOX25 with concerns that the helicopters were passing very close to buildings.

FOX25 found a video posted on YouTube showing several helicopters flying low above the high rise buildings in Boston.

Boston police sent out a community advisory to alert residents about a planned training exercise in conjunction with the defense department. The advisory said the training is not in response to any world events.

FOX25 reached out to the Boston Police Department and was told “specifics are kept mysterious for good reason.”

The Blackhawk helicopters were all lined up on the tarmac at a local airfield Wednesday. The Department of Defense would not comment on the exercise.

The exercise is expected to continue until Friday, and FOX25 is told the Boston Police Department will release more information after it ends.

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