Boston voters prepare to head to the polls for city’s preliminary mayoral election

BOSTON — Boston’s mayoral race will come down to two people after Tuesday’s preliminary election.

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But going into the first round of voting some people say they are still undecided. Olga Ramos is still feeling out the candidates.

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“What they have to say in the next day, but also I want to see experience from Boston,” Ramos said.

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The run for Boston’s mayor will turn into a two-person race after Tuesday’s preliminary election.

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Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, Annissa Essaibi-George, Acting Mayor Kim Janey and John Barros crisscrossed the city reaching out to voters on Monday.

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“Earning the support of folks, the key word is earning it, by pounding the pavement and meeting them where they are -- which is a their home and in their community,” Campbell said.

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“There’s some great, amazing choices this time around and it’s an incredible moment in Boston,” Wu said.

“Shoring up some of those last votes, talking to our cities residents who are still undecided,” said Essaibi-George.

“I’m hoping people come out to vote in large numbers,” Janey said.

Voters, like Lara Jackson and Luis Rivera, are looking forward to narrowing down the number of candidates.

“I’m hoping that when we get to November that we would have two good choices,” said Jackson.

“Hopefully whoever wins which I hope is mine and they will make a better difference, especially for (Jamaica Plain),” said Rivera.